El Mercurio newspaper Chili about the Dutch Dolls Villa

The Dutch designer Liliane Limpens – a former editor of a magazine of art – created the Dolls Villa, “a home for the children of the children”, motivated by giving them a dream haven. “It had to be top quality, that it is an exclusive, private domain, just for your favorite dolls, which has its own rules and freedom”, explains and adds that the dolls and stuffed animals play an important role in children’s learning about attachment and trust.




Poppenvilla naar De Hartekamp Groep in Haarlem

Speltherapeut Prinsen: “De kinderen met verstandelijke beperkingen wonen hier vanwege een (spoed)uithuisplaatsing. Een poppenvilla kan hen helpen bij het verwerken van traumatische gebeurtenissen, waardoor hun ontwikkeling weer tot bloei kan komen.
Als speltherapeut kan ik de kinderen helpen om in het spel te komen, waardoor ze de handvaten hebben om zelf (gemakkelijker) tot verbeeldend spel te komen.

523 LILIANE car ramp 6720

De poppenvilla zal uitgewisseld worden met de andere twee kinderwoningen van De Hartekamp Groep waardoor ze optimaal gebruikt kan worden.”

A special villa for the 21st century

Butterfly UK: ‘A special villa for the 21st century and children and parents are going to absolutely love its ability to keep everyone entertained. It’s strong, durable, mobile and made from sustainable materials for those who care about the environment. You can watch your children develop their communication and fine motor skills and listen to them as they creative their own imaginative world.

Playing in the LILIANE Dolls Villa is a quality time with your children while you encourage them to engage, communicate, speak, count and show all the lovely items in the super Dolls Villa.’