Poppenvilla in Warschau Polen

The British International School Warsaw is after a year so happy with the Dutch Dolls Villa. Head of the Early Learning Center: “We are always looking for top-quality and innovative objects for the children of our school. Parents pay a lot and this is a way to show to them that their investments are worth it.”

Dolls Villa


Kinderen die niet spelen | de metafoor van de Poppenvilla

Glansrijk openingscongres voor professionals Week van het Jonge Kind Almere 10 april 2015. Thema: ‘Spelen is meer dan spelen’. Met Marije Magito, Paul Leseman, Louis Tavecchio, Annemarie Jorritsma et al.

Workshop ‘Kinderen die niet spelen | de metafoor van de Poppenvilla’ door orthopedagoog | speltherapeut Cora van Schaik en ontwerper Liliane Limpens.


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A children’s dream house for their dolls and cars

Discover Benelux & France | Design feature April, 2015

The LILIANE Dolls Villa is much more than a normal doll house. Apart from families, the Villa is also a much-loved item at day care centres and primary schools not just in the Netherlands, but across Europe.

Apart from play, there are other interesting applications. Currently universities in the Netherlands and Poland are researching how play therapists, child psychiatrists and psychologists can use the Villa to help children who suffer from trauma.


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