A children’s dream house for their dolls and cars

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Designer Liliane Limpens says: “In the words of the Dutch consul-general Guido Tielman in Chongqing, China, the Dolls Villa is ‘the Bentley among the world’s dolls houses!’”


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The LILIANE Dolls Villa is much more than a normal doll house. The Villa is specially designed for dolls that are one foot tall – children’s favourite dolls – making it unique in the world and popular among children.

“Children prefer dolls this size, think about Barbie and other 30 centimetre tall stuffed animals and toys. There wasn’t a sustainable home for these size dolls,” says Liliane Limpens, designer. “That’s why I created the Villa.”

The Dolls Villa at child-height is made from sturdy, quality materials such as birch plywood, solid beech wood and stainless steel. She explains: “Using these materials sends the message that children are worth a lot and they deserve a good, quality home. This gives the relationship between adult and child a kind of equivalence. And when the children’s children – that’s how they see their dolls – have a nice home, this will also help the child to feel more secure.”

The open design of the Villa encourages interaction and free play: up to six children can use it at the same time. Apart from families, the Villa is also a much-loved item at day care centres and primary schools not just in the Netherlands, but across Europe. “The Dolls Villa is now on several standard inventory lists, such as in England and I get a lot of interest from Canada, Australia and the United States. I hope to find the right distributors,” she says and adds: “Having this business is very rewarding. I would hereby like to encourage female entrepreneurs to consider developing physical products, and not just think about providing a service.”

Apart from play, there are other interesting applications. Currently universities in the Netherlands and Poland are researching how play therapists, child psychiatrists and psychologists can use the Villa to help children who suffer from trauma. “Children often don’t possess the right words to express complex feelings. It is much easier to explain things in their own language: through play,” Limpens explains.

The LILIANE Dolls Villa comes in two models, each complete with designer furniture (including a car ramp, beds, storage drawers and kitchen and bathroom appliances) and wheels for mobility.


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Make your hotel lobby child friendly with the LILIANE Dolls Villa!

Checking in andout of hotels can be a stressful business for customers with young children. While dad is checking the bill and mum is worrying about making it to the airport on time, the kids are often wreaking havoc in the busy hotel lobby. Other hotel guests are irritated by the noise and already busy staff have an extra issue on their plate.
Now there’s a great way to ease their pain and add a little special customer service for guests with young children. The Liliane Dolls Villa. A giant designer Dolls House that  will make a huge  impression on your junior guests and bring some much needed peace and quiet to an already bustling hotel lobby.

Put a Liliane Dolls Villa in the corner of the hotel lobby and you will alleviate the nr. 1 reason that kids get out of control,  boredom. With the dolls villa captivating them, there will be no problems with kids roaming your hotel lobby looking for thrills. The beautifully designed doll house, which measures 120x62x128, is the perfect safe haven for kids. It’s made of modified birch plywood and stainless steel and allows up to five to six children to play at once. It comes fully furnished, with a kitchen counter and a catalogue of wood furniture next to a functional wall mirror and aluminium utensils in seven rooms connected by two spiral staircases. Children love big dolls and the dolls that come with the villa are a foot tall. Moving the doll house to another part of the lobby is effortless thanks to the wheels under its base.

The Dutch designer Liliane Limpens, a former art magazine editor, – wanted to create the perfect haven for kids to play and wanted to create “a special home for the children’s children”, “It had to be an exclusive and private place, with its own rules and sense of freedom and specifically for your favourite dolls!”, she also adds that “dolls and stuffed animals play an important role in a child’s learning curve about attachment and trust.”

LILIANE BV is a sustainable-living furniture brand for dolls up to 30cm. LILIANE BV’s products are not just built for fun but also have an educational purpose. They target the three to ten age group and create interaction that stimulates spontaneous practices of social skills. The specific use of eco-friendly materials also helps kids learn about sustainability at young age.

The Hilton Hotel Centraal Station Amsterdam recently purchased the Liliane doll house villa to serve as a central point for its junior international guests and called it “Bizarrely beautiful! “

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Make your hotel lobby child friendly with the liliane dolls villa

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