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The most important thing in your house

An Arabic blog by Kasra about the DollsVilla by Liliane® in the Dutch nursery Villa Villa | Het Kinderhonk Amsterdam.

ما هو أهم شيء في منزلك؟ 

= What is the most important thing in your house?

Arabische blog DollsVilla by Liliane 21.04

DollsVilla by Liliane in the Arab States

A children’s dream house for their dolls and cars

Discover Benelux & France | Design feature April, 2015

The LILIANE Dolls Villa is much more than a normal doll house. Apart from families, the Villa is also a much-loved item at day care centres and primary schools not just in the Netherlands, but across Europe.

Apart from play, there are other interesting applications. Currently universities in the Netherlands and Poland are researching how play therapists, child psychiatrists and psychologists can use the Villa to help children who suffer from trauma.

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Poppenvilla Kids Design at Superstudio Milaan

Tijdens de Internationale Milaan Design Meubelbeurs 2015 start de eerste editie van een nieuw design project voor kinderen: Ki.D.S | Kids Design at Superstudio. De Nederlandse Poppenvilla is geselecteerd om er acte de présence te geven.
“As for the selection of companies and brands participating to Ki.D.S. | Kids Design at Superstudio the Italian organizing company unduetrestella keeps up with its research and world-wide scouting, to highlight brands and companies dedicated and involved in creating and producing the best design for kids.”
“The eminent spaces of Superstudio Più, headquarter of the new project SuperDesign Show during the Design Week 2015, opens the door to the world of children, hosting Ki.D.S. Kids Design at Superstudio, an ambitious exhibition project by the most interesting international furniture brands and companies for infants.”
Milaan 14 – 19 april 2015
Ki.D.S. SuperDesign Show | Fuorisalone 2015
Superstudio Più
Via Tortona 27 Milaan


Poppenvilla ondersteunt Psychologie-faculteit Polen

De Nederlandse Poppenvilla ondersteunt op de faculteit Psychologie van de Universiteit Social Sciences and Humanities | SWPS in Katowice Polen het onderwijs en het onderzoek. De Poppenvilla maakt onderdeel uit van de promotiefilm van SWPS 2014 – 2015.